Mavic Cycling products


Mavic Cycling Products

Do one thing, and do it well. As bike riders, this is a motto we can all live by. We each have our own style of riding, be it on or off-road, and we aim to constantly improve, set new records, and push ourselves harder. French bike part company Mavic applies this as a way of doing business. They have found their well-defined corner of the bike part market designing and manufacturing bike parts and accessories, and they focus on being the best at what they do. Best known for their bicycle wheels, they also manufacture:

• Rims


• Pedals

• A lineup of clothing and accessories for avid bikers

Today Mavic is well over 100 years old and has been involved in making bicycle parts from the beginning. They have added to their product lineup over the years, but the heart of their business always has been and continues to be the bicycle.

True innovators, Mavic has been improving bike wheels and tyres since the beginning, and as a result are considered one of the top brands in the business. They may be based half a world away in a southern French city, but you can find Mavic bike parts on bikes around the globe, including right here in New Zealand. A quick search of our marketplace reveals the popularity of Mavic in NZ, thanks to their reputation as a manufacturer of precision bike equipment.

Mavic’s top product lines are the following:

Wheels. You can find Mavic wheels on the bikes of top riders around the world. They have been tinkering with and perfecting bike wheels for a century now, so they understand that different types of bikes require different types of wheels. Mavic covers all the major segments: road and triathlon, mountain, and track. Their wheels are designed with aerodynamics, weight, and durability in mind. You can enjoy the best of all worlds when it comes to bike wheels.

Rims. Bike rim technology never stops evolving. For off-road applications you want extreme strength and durability, whereas on-road track and racing rims need to be as lightweight as possible, to reduce rotating mass. Mavic uses exotic materials and cutting-edge design to meet these different goals, and the result are rims that can rival the best brands in the world.

Tyres. When the rubber meets the road, you want the right mix of grip, endurance, and comfort. For road and triathlon, you obviously want wind-cheating tires with a smooth ride and adequate grip. They also add a level of comfort, to keep from tiring you out when you’re going the distance. Mountain bike tyres, on the other hand, need to offer rock-grabbing, mud-munching grip and adhesion in the lightest weight possible. Mavic tyres deliver all this with puncture-resistant, long-wearing rubbers.

Pedals. To motivate your bike, you want a pedal system that doesn’t sap your energy. The more energy you transfer to your rear wheel, the more distance you put between yourself and the competition. Significant engineering and study has gone into Mavic’s pedals, which is why they gained the reputation of high-tech masterpieces. They offer compact, lightweight pedals, as well as larger designs for more stability.

On top of all these major industry-leading bike components, Mavic carries other biking parts, accessories, and apparel. You’ll find many Mavic products right here in New Zealand, simply by visiting BikeExchange. Don’t stop halfway: go all the way with the best in bike components with Mavic!