Merida Cycling products


Merida Cycling Products

Merida was founded in 1972 by Ike Tseng in Taiwan, inspired by the lack of high quality Taiwanese made bikes available on the market at the time. Ike Tseng sought to change that. Tseng started by manufacturing bikes for Raleigh in the US, and soon turned his hand to developing his own Brand which he called Merida.

Merida focuses on producing its own bikes these days, bit also works as an OEM for other international brands. Merida bikes are sold in over 77 countries worldwide, and are currently manufactured at home in Taiwan, in China and also in Germany. Designed and engineered in Germany, manufactured in Taiwan; Merida bikes are the result of a harmonious relationship between the skill and precision of German engineering and the efficiency and reliability of Taiwanese production.

Merida Innovation

Since the early days constructing frames for Raleigh, Merida has developed their production and fabrication facilities, seeking new and efficient ways to create exciting and revolutionary frame designs. Merida was one of the first bike manufacturers to use the Hydroforming System to create aluminium alloy frames. The system moulds the raw materials in super-hot oil, enabling Merida to experiment with designs that would not be conventionally feasible.

Merida Bikes

All disciplines are catered for by Merida. Merida consistently makes road riding machines that are fit for use by the pros on the world tour and their mountain bikes are regularly putting pro mountain bike riders on the podium at the world champs. While they certainly cater to the high end of the market, they also have a strong desire to get everyone out there riding, building a full range of bikes suited to children, commuters, cyclocross riders, and e-bike enthusiasts.

Merida Sponsorship

In order to create the perfect race bike, you need to work closely with those who are going to be riding it at the professional level. In 2013, Merida teamed, lending their name to Professional road racing team Lampre-Merida, who perform at the UCI world tours.

The Multivan Merida Biking Team consistently reach the podium on the world mountain biking circuit, supported by Merida’s range of mountain bikes.