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Bike Parts

As a rider you really should maintain your bike. It’s important to understand how it works because it will help you anticipate regular maintenance, as well as repair any smaller mechanicals that might occur. Understanding the different parts and how they work together gives you a better appreciation for your bike.

Our marketplace here at BikeExchange was created to keep your bike in top shape. We can put you in contact with bike shops and bike enthusiasts all over New Zealand. You can find all of the parts you need to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

Our marketplace offerings are extensive, so we thought we’d highlight some of the most common and popular parts sold online in NZ.


Bike frames are built to last for a long time. Aluminum and carbon fibre frames resist corrosion, and steel bikes are painted to keep them from rusting. What you need to look for is damage to the tubes. Small paint chips and scratches are normal from regular use, but any cracks and dents should be closely examined. If you do find that your frame is damaged, you can buy a new or used one in good shape and rebuild your bike with all of your other parts.


Bearing sets are used at three locations on your bike:




Ball and cartridge bearings are subject to a lot of wear, and they’re especially sensitive to moisture and dirt. Replacing your bearings is a great way to experience a smooth ride. When replacing your bearings, make sure to choose the right size.


The gears on low-cost bikes are made to last a long time, but over time they can wear down. Intensive use can cause them to skip and cause difficult shifting. Replacing the front and rear gears on your bike is easy to do thanks to a large number of parts available in our NZ bike parts marketplace.

Wheels and Tyres

When building or overhauling your bike, it’s important to consider your wheels and tyres. These parts are not advisable to purchase used, unless you can determine that they have been lightly used. Wheels that are out of round or worn risk creating headaches down the road. The tyres you choose depend on the type of riding you do (road, commuter, or mountain), so make sure they’re adapted to your style.

Additional Bike Parts & Components

On top of these major parts listed, you can find NZ bike parts such as chains, derailleurs, shifters, and pedals. All of these parts can be easily purchased online in our vast marketplace. Let BikeExchange help you in your search for all the best bike parts to keep you rolling along!