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Picking a Bike Trailer for Kids

Long before your children can ride their own bikes, a kid’s bike trailer is a great way to introduce them to the pleasure of riding. It’s a top outdoor activity that promotes physical fitness and wellbeing for the whole family. Whether it’s a weekend cruise close to home or a longer trip when travelling, a child’s bike trailer will give you more opportunities to enjoy the sport you love.

To make sure you’ve got all the information you need to choose a suitable bike trailer for kids, we’ve put together this list of useful points. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to easily make your choice from all the great kids’ bike trailers available in New Zealand.

Bike Trailer Safety and Stability

No matter which kids bike trailer you end up buying, you need to know that any trailer will affect how your bike handles. The extra weight and length makes it harder to pedal and stop, and changes how it feels when you turn. Modern kids’ bike trailers come in two, three, and four wheeled versions. The more wheels you have, the more stable the trailer will feel.

If you’re a novice biker, or don’t get out riding very often, a three or four wheeled trailer will likely be more comfortable for you. A two wheeled kid’s bike trailer is generally lighter, but requires extra caution in corners. Single wheeled ‘biggy back’ trailer bikes are an option for older children: these allow older children to pedal their own bike without having to steer.

Other Factors

On top of these main safety concerns, you also want to think about:

Weight: Never overload a child’s bike trailer. When your child outgrows the trailer, it’s time to trade it for a larger model. Never put more children in the trailer than what it is designed for, as they won’t be properly secured in case of a bump or spill.

Construction and features: The most affordable kids’ bike trailers are fairly basic, with a steel frame and simple seating area. Higher-end models are made of aluminum, making them lighter, and come with features like sun shades, covers for wind and cold, and various types of padding.

Use: Many kids’ bike trailers are multi-use, but some specialised models are designed for light off-road trail use, long-distance rides, and are waterproofed for use when it rains. Features like suspension or independent brakes are helpful when you do a lot of family riding.

Do a Test Drive

Once you’ve gone through these points, you should have a good idea of what type of kids’ bike trailer suits your family. The easiest way to make your final choice is to try out a few models. Can they be adapted to your current bike? Easy to install and uninstall? Stable in corners? Comfortable for you and your child? You’ll be confident you’re picking the right bike trailer, and be able to enjoy plenty of kilometres riding with the whole family!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect bike trailer for baby, or you need a bike cargo trailer, check out BikeExchange. Then, take a look at our editorial section for the latest in cycling. You’ll find news, interviews, reviews and more.