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Avanti Bikes

Let’s hear it for the homegrown hero, Avanti! It’s not hard to be a fan of one of New Zealand’s premier bike brands. Avanti, started in 1985, quickly became the standard by which other bikes were compared. Proudly Kiwi, Avanti had big ambitions and has expanded over the years to eight different countries around the world.

Known for their beautiful designs, top-quality materials and construction, and spirit of competition, Avanti is well respected in biking circles. Perhaps best known for their competition bikes (Avanti road and track bikes are often seen at the Olympics and other professional sporting events), Avanti also provides a complete lineup of bikes for people from all walks of life.

More and more New Zealanders are turning to biking as an enjoyable, healthy, and earth-friendly activity. For many it’s more than an activity: it’s a lifestyle. If you take biking seriously, and want a bike that can match your enthusiasm and energy, look no further than NZ’s own Avanti!

A Well-Earned Reputation

Mention the name ‘Avanti’ to biking enthusiasts and they’re bound to think ‘competition.’ Avanti is most known for their road and track bikes, designed with their “Avanti Design Technology” philosophy to give competitive riders a real edge. While that reputation is well deserved, Avanti has also created a name for themselves in the city and mountain biking classes. They even cover some more specific market segments, like triathlon/time-trial, BMX, and cyclocross. Avanti’s competitive spirit not only pushes them to compete on all levels, but also to dominate.

ADT: Avanti Design Technology

The heart of every Avanti bike is the design. A bike isn’t just a piece of equipment, it’s a work of art. A fluid, aerodynamic design helps cheat the wind, and looks great doing it. Avanti works under the principle of ADT (or Avanti Design Technology). This isn’t just a corporate slogan: it’s a new way of doing business. And using this principle, Avanti focuses every single employee’s energy on one thing: building the best bike possible.

Using top-quality, leading-edge materials — such as high-strength steel, aluminum and titanium alloys, and composite carbon fibre — Avanti can pick and choose the best material for each application, depending on the requirements for strength, stiffness, and weight.

This quest for perfection continues in the design of the gearsets, wheels, tires, and brakes. Nothing is left to chance, nothing is overlooked. Every aspect of your Avanti bike has been thoroughly and meticulously planned.

The Right Model for You

Avanti has a bike for you. With over 100 different models in their catalogue, there is an Avanti bike that suits your needs, style, and level. We aren’t all Olympic-calibre athletes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a bike that is designed for top performance. Your whole family can easily find the Avanti model for them from the following categories:

Road bikes: this is where Avanti made its reputation, and continues to lead the market

Track / triathlon bikes: for top-level performers, or those who aspire to be one

Mountain bikes: Avanti creativity and skill applied to the off-road category

BMX bikes: this popular category of bike is a staple in the Avanti lineup

Hybrid bikes: hybrid doesn’t have to mean ‘compromise,’ or missing out on the best features

When you see the full selection of Avanti models, with specific designs geared to men, women, and kids, you quickly understand that they surely make a bike for you. Search for ‘Avanti’ in our marketplace here at BikeExchange and you’ll find many of the models that make us so proud of NZ’s own Avanti!