Giant Bikes


Giant Bikes

One of the most popular bike brands in New Zealand today is Giant. They have earned their place at the top of the market as a manufacturer of high-quality bikes for all different types of cycling enthusiasts. They offer models for all styles of riding, all levels of skill, and all sizes of riders. They even have a stand-alone brand, Liv, which is just for women.

Known for their attractive designs and robust construction, Giant is constantly adding new models and features to please their old customers and to win new ones.

Let us tell you a bit more about the different models of Giant bicycles that you can find for sale in our marketplace.

Giant Hybrid Bikes

These are the best bikes for general on-road use and light path and trail use. They’re robust and tough, but offer a good level of comfort. A hybrid bike is no good if you don’t feel inclined to use it, so Giant designs their hybrid bikes to combine smooth ride, quality brakes, and durable tyres.

Features such as lightweight frames, disc brakes, and twist-shift gear selectors used to be considered ‘exotic’ and were reserved for high-end bikes. But they’re now available on many of Giant’s most popular hybrid bikes.

Giant Road Bikes

Used for road racing over distances, road bikes need to be smooth, efficient, and lightweight. Giant designs their road bikes to soak up and dissipate vibrations that would otherwise fatigue a rider on a long run. They also have to cheat the wind and create as little resistance as possible as they cut through the air.

The modern designs not only use lightweight materials, but they also use aerodynamic shapes and components designed to waste as little of the rider’s energy as possible. Giant is a true leader in competition road bikes.

Giant Mountain Bikes

It’s almost a shame that Giant’s mountain bikes are so good looking, because you’re going to get yours dirty! A Giant mountain bike begs to be taken through the dirtiest, roughest terrain. They’re a rewarding bike to put through their paces, because all of the details have been honed to create a great off-road biking experience.

The lightweight alloy frames, large wheels, and responsive suspensions mean that you won’t get tired, and the aggressive tyres and powerful disc brakes will encourage you to push further off the beaten track than you’ve ever gone before.

Giant Kids’ Bikes

All of the best features of Giant’s adult bikes are available in kiddie versions, too. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sharing your passion for healthy living and fresh-air exercise with your entire family. Many kids’ bikes of all sizes are available for on and off-road adventures. Quality construction provides a safe experience for your child and peace of mind for you, and fun, attractive designs will encourage the young ones to fall in love with biking just like their parents. Get them hooked young on a bike from Giant and they’ll enjoy a lifetime of biking.

As you can see, Giant offers bikes for everyone — and every budget. Many Giant bikes are for sale right here at BikeExchange, so take a look and pick the one that’s right for you!