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Specialized Bikes NZ

A bike’s a bike, right? They all have a frame, two wheels, pedals, a couple gears. Add handlebars, brakes, a seat, and a chain, and you’ve got your standard bike. Right? Not even close. Especially when you’re talking about a bike from Specialized.

Specialized’s bikes are highly-engineered, high-precision machines that are the result of countless hours of design, prototyping, and testing. One of the most demanding and exacting manufacturers out there, Specialized realises the importance of a custom fit and custom tune for your bike. That’s why they put painstaking effort into designing bikes that can be fine-tuned to fit you and your riding style.

We’re sure they wouldn’t mind if you call them obsessed. Actually, they’d probably be flattered.

Meet someone else who is obsessed - our graphics guy talks about his S-Works Tarmac

How You Can Benefit

While it’s evident that the employees of Specialized are bike enthusiasts by nature, they’re not just doing it for fun. They’re producing some of the most specialised and desirable bikes on (and off) the road. They cover all major market segments:

Trail bikes: Designed to go up, down, and all around, there isn’t a trail out there that a Specialized trail bike can’t handle. There are even models built specifically for jumping.

Cross country: Choose one of the Specialized cross country models with suspension for ultimate comfort, or go with the simplicity and value of a hardtail.

Downhill: What goes up must come down. Preferably fast. Known under the name ‘Gravity’ at Specialized, these bikes have several World Cup Titles to their name.

Recreational: You can get light weight, multiple size options, and a huge list of awesome features, like disc brakes, tunable suspension, and value-packed aluminum frames.

Competitive road: With an emphasis on aerodynamics, these Specialized bikes are stiff, strong, and light, with precision handling. They’re ready for speed.

Endurance: To help you last the distance, these bikes are created to isolate the rider from vibrations, all while providing responsive handling and energy-saving pedaling.

Triathlon: Preparing for a triathlon? You may need some practice, but you’ll be happy to know your Specialized triathlon is ready, willing, and able.

Multi-use bikes: There are dozens of models to choose from that help you fit more biking into your lifestyle. Check out the bikes geared for fitness, commuting, or around-town cruising.

It seems like Specialized has every possible market segment in New Zealand covered. But that’s not even the complete list! They also manufacture BMX, track, and ‘Fatboy’ bikes with sand and snow tyres. They also create unique designs for men, women, and children, because they want every bike to fit the rider, and not force the rider to fit the bike.

Specialized get the NZ stamp of approval from us here at BikeExchange! Check out our marketplace and you can see just how much respect these top-quality bikes command!