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Trek Bikes

Whether you’re a hardcore bike rider or just getting into the sport, you want a bike that fits. A bike that feels right. A bike that you can hear calling you out to the road, trail, or track. When your seat is at the right height, your brakes and shifters aligned properly, and your brakes set for your riding style, everything comes together.

Trek has been in the business for decades and knows a thing or two about designing and manufacturing a bike. They have models in all market segments and cover a large spectrum of budgets. Trek always comes to mind when we’re asked about the best bike brands.

Various Models

The first decision you have to make when buying a bike is what type of biking you do. Trek makes some serious bikes for specific uses, but also knows that some riders want a flexible bike that is useful for a variety of situations. The major types of Trek bikes are:

Trek Urban & Commuter Bikes: These are a great choice for occasional riders, or those who do both on- and off-road riding. Picking a Trek city bike (also called a hybrid bike) doesn’t mean you have to suffer on a ‘catch-all’ bike that doesn’t do anything well. Trek’s city bikes are impressive performance bikes for all disciplines.

Trek Road Bikes: When your biking is focused on long distances and fast times, a road bike is the choice for you. And a road bike from Trek is a formidable companion. The frames are designed to be lightweight and eliminate vibrations, the pedal sets are economical with your energy, and the tyres are smooth and reduce rolling resistance. Set your personal best each ride with your Trek road bike!

Trek Mountain Bikes: If you prefer to spend your spare time biking up and down trails, always looking for the hardest path and most rewarding adventure, a mountain bike from Trek is the way to go. Trek pairs lightweight frames with rugged shocks, hubs, and gear sets to provide the best possible off-road experience. You can choose from front or dual suspension, depending on your style of riding and personal preference.

See the full gallery of the new Trek Madone, from the global launch in Utrecht, Holland.

Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to the type of bike you want, you’ll see that Trek offers dozens of different models within each category. You’ll be able to choose according to many different criteria:

Frame design and material: steel, aluminum, or composite construction in a variety of frame shapes and sizes

Wheels and tyres: choose the wheel size that you feel comfortable with, and the tyres that suit your terrain

Pedals, chains, and gearsets: each model has its specific drivetrain, fine-tuned for top performance

Suspensions: with many front and rear suspensions available, you can find the right mix of value and comfort

Brakes: caliper brakes, cantilever brakes, and disc brakes are available, according to your preference

Trek bikes are designed with the whole family in mind. All bikes are carefully designed to suit each rider’s individual comfort and safety needs. You’ll find plenty of Trek bikes on our BikeExchange marketplace, so take a look now.