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Giant Mountain Bikes

When you stand head and shoulders above the competition, it’s normal to be called a giant. Known throughout the world as a manufacturer of class-leading bicycles, Giant offers every type of bike out there. One of their most successful ranges is their mountain bike series, with over a dozen different models available. With that much choice, you know you’re going to find a Giant mountain bike with your name on it.

Let us share some info on what makes Giant a standard in the mountain bike class in New Zealand.

Know Your Options

There are five main categories of Giant mountain bikes:

26” hardtail: its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre and transport

27.5” hardtail: available in many different models of both men’s and women’s frames

27.5” dual suspension: the rear suspension adds more capability and comfort

29” hardtail: the famous ‘29er’ mountain bike is a popular choice for hardcore off-roaders

29” dual suspension: this ‘29er’ can tackle everything you can throw at it, and then some

All of these Giant mountain bikes are built for serious terrain, and they can take a beating. If mountain biking for you is more than a general interest, but is a true passion, you want the best equipment possible. A Giant mountain bike is up to the task.

Hi-tech Materials

The strongest mountain bike in the world is useless if it’s too heavy. At the same time, a featherweight bike that can’t take bumps, jumps, and hard-trail riding doesn’t do you much good, either. Giant uses modern, hi-tech materials and construction methods to combine the best of weight savings and strength to offer you the best frames in the business:

Aluminum: Aluminum has long been a popular material for bikes. Using the right alloy allows Giant to make a bike that is both light and tough. In pure form, aluminum is a soft metal, but when alloyed it can become super strong and stiff, allowing Giant to fine-tune the wheels, suspension, and running gear for the best performance possible.

Composite/carbon fibre: The strength-to-weight ratio of composites can’t be beaten. The added advantage over other materials is that it allows for more innovative designs and aerodynamics. Composites are becoming the industry standard for high and medium grade mountain bikes, and Giant is at the leading edge of this exciting bike frame revolution.

Lightweight components: A light frame is a great starting point, but it’s wasted if the rest of your bike components are clunky and heavy. Giant designs their mountain bikes with a holistic approach and uses lightweight materials from the ground up.

Class-Leading Features

Being an industry leader isn’t easy. You constantly have to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. But just like in a bike race, there’s a spirit of competition that keeps Giant pushing ahead. They include all of the latest and greatest mountain bike technology, like hydraulic disc brakes, high-efficiency pedal units, protected through-frame cables, and many other features to help you enjoy your Giant mountain bike.

When purchasing or building a Giant mountain bike, you can choose the features that suit your riding style and budget and end up with a bike that fits you perfectly. Check out all of the Giant mountain bike NZ listings here at BikeExchange — and you too can be ahead of the competition!