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Trek Mountain Bikes

With a mission statement like “Build the best bikes in the world,” you know that you’re in for a class-leading bike. Trek is an American bike manufacturing business that has been designing and building bikes since 1976. Their complete lineup of bikes covers all corners of the market, from recreational users to professional road racers and mountain bike aficionados.

Biking is more than a hobby for many of us — it’s a passion, a lifestyle. We do it to stay fit and healthy, increase our strength and endurance, enjoy the outdoors and nature around us, and avoid adding to the pollution and congestion that chokes our towns and cities.

Choosing a Trek mountain bike is a great way to equip yourself with the best tool for your trail and off-road riding, which is why Trek is a big name in the NZ mountain bike market.

Covering All the Bases

The mountain bike market in NZ is hotter than ever, and all manufacturers offer models to compete in well-defined categories. Trek has aggressive options available in all the key mountain bike segments:

26” mountain bikes: Trek has many 26” bikes available, including the popular ‘3500 Disc’ series, and the ‘Sky’ models.

26” dual suspension bikes: These bikes carry the ‘Session’ model names and offer an excellent suspension design for intense trail riding.

27.5” dual suspension bikes: A popular configuration of mountain bike, Trek offers several versions, such as the ‘Remedy’ and ‘Slash’ models.

29er mountain bikes: You can choose from multiple models, like the ‘Cali’ and ‘X-Caliber.’ Both are a great value for the discerning rider.

29er dual suspension bikes: There are simply too many models to list; Trek has this corner of the mountain bike market totally covered.

In their never-ending quest to stay on top, Trek is constantly adding to and improving their mountain bike model lineup. Designed and built in the US, Trek has long been a popular bike brand in New Zealand. As a country known for its challenging trails and breathtaking scenery, NZ provides great opportunities to put a Trek mountain bike to the test. Thankfully, they’re built for it.

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Solid Construction

Trek uses the best modern materials for their frames, including aluminum and composites (carbon fibre). This allows them to offer a huge range of mountain bikes with the combination of weight, strength, and price that you want. Their frames are designed according to the specific needs of different types of riders, instead of forcing a single design across their entire product range.

Bikes for Everyone

Like all of us at BikeExchange, Trek encourages everyone to get out and enjoy biking. It’s a great activity to enjoy alone or with friends and family. After a busy day at work or stressful commute in traffic, nothing recharges your batteries like a great off-road biking adventure. To make sure that everyone can find a bike they’re comfortable with, Trek designs bikes that meet the specific and varied needs of men, women, and children.

It’s time to start looking for the Trek mountain bike of your dreams. Search our comprehensive marketplace to find bikes, accessories, and information on Trek’s excellent lineup. Choose the best mountain bike from the best online bike marketplace in NZ: BikeExchange!

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