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Best Commuter Bike

If commuter bikes are becoming more and more popular, it’s because they fit easily into your lifestyle. A commuter bike can now cover all but the most intense biking needs. There are lots of advantages to getting around town with a commuter bike:

  • It’s good for your health. If used for commuting to and from work, it will help you fit exercise into your busy day.

  • It reduces traffic congestion and pollution. Commuting by bike is a big plus for the environment and your community because it reduces congestion and pollution.

  • It saves you money. When you ride your bike instead of drive a vehicle or take public transportation, you’re saving money.

A commuter bike, when equipped with the right tyres and features, can make a great recreational bike as well as serving daily commuting duties. With all of these top reasons to buy a commuter, we’d like to help you pick out the most suitable bike. Here are the things to consider:

Type of Construction

The huge interest in commuter bikes these days has encouraged manufacturers to offer more models. In the past most commuter bikes had steel or aluminium frames, but today titanium and carbon fibre frames can increasingly be found in the commuter bike market.

Steel frames are your best value, and they’re extremely durable. Aluminium frames are lighter than steel, but their extreme stiffness can render them less than ideal over bumpy terrain. Titanium frames are extremely light and absorb vibrations well, but at a price premium. Carbon fibre allows manufacturers to create unique, aerodynamic shapes, though prices remain high with this relatively new material.


Many commuter bike options are available for men and women, along with unisex models. There are countless shapes, styles, and colours from which to choose: it all comes down to your personal preference.

Most commuter bikes have similar attributes to either a road bike or a mountain bike, so you can choose whichever suits your needs. If you’ll be using your bike for commuting during the week and enjoy the occasional trek off road, a mountain-bike design is the best choice. If you will commute Monday to Friday but also enjoy some distance road riding on the weekends, make sure you choose a more road bike-oriented design.


One of the most appealing parts of a commuter bike is the huge list of available accessories. Since the best commuter bike is one that makes your daily comings and goings easier, you can pick and choose from a huge collection of baskets, racks, mudguards, and kickstands. You can also add lights, a speedometer, a water bottle, and any other bike accessory you can think of. If you personalise it just the way you want it, you’ll be inclined to use your commuter bike more often.

When equipped properly, your commuter bike can be a useful tool for your day-to-day life, and also be enjoyable during your recreation time. Now that you’ve found the right Commuter Bike, discover our 6 tips on commuting and learn more about Go Cycle Christchurch here at BikeExchange.