BBB Cycling products


BBB Cycling Products

It all started with a couple of mate who cycled together, competed each other and shared the same desire; to create a range of aftermarket cycling products that filled in the gaps in the growing market.

Frank Moon and Chris Koppert began their careers in the industry in ’91, first importing a number of brands into the Netherlands.

Developing their own ideas of what makes a good bike product over time, the two men decided to create BBB, their own range of components, accessories and clothing that they would sell through retailers all in one location, a kind of store within the store. The range of BBB products on offer has multiplied and multiplied again to number over 1500 products in over 40 different product categories. If you need something for your ride, BBB probably makes it.

BBB Technology

BBB doesn’t just mass produce products for a growing market, they aim to design and manufacture products that push the boundaries of what individual products can achieve.

They won the Eurobike design award for the Oval Integrate bike pump that seamlessly aligns with the frame of your bike, reducing wind resistance and reducing its aesthetic impact as well.

BBB technology is tested at the highest level of riding, BBB sponsoring pro racing teams the like of FDJ Race team at the 2015 Tour de France

BBB Range of Products

BBB specialises in aftermarket bike products. Whether you are looking for a new saddle, brake parts, or you just need a set of spare bike tubes, BBB has products to fit your needs. BBB have been designing stylish yet functional sports glasses and clothing since the nineties that aims to tie you whole set up together into one comfortable yet high performance package.