Giant Cycling products


Giant Cycling Products

Giant cycling products can be found in over 50 countries around the world, quite the expansion from its humble beginnings as an OEM for Schwinn in the in the early seventies. When Schwinn decided to drop Giant and use manufacturers in China, Giant's new President Bill Austin decided it was time to start manufacturing original products under the Giant brand name.

Moving forward to 1986, we see Giant teaming up with dutch racing cycle manufacturer Koga-Miyata to create Giant Europe, effectively expanding their operations into growing European market.

Giant has always aimed to provide products to everyone. They offer a range of products, from those designed and tested for elite international racing teams and riders, to entry level machines for those just getting into riding. And it's not just about bikes. Giant manufactures a massive range of accessories, components, and clothing, all designed to offer the mad keen cyclist everything they need to get out on the road and the trail.

Giant Bicycle Technology

Giant has been responsible for a number of technological advances within the world of road cycling and mountain biking.

Giant paved the way in terms of compact frame shapes, producing the world’s first compact road frame in 1995. The compact design features a smaller rear triangle and a sloping top tube creating a tighter package offering a number of benefits that saw other manufacturers quickly imitating the design on their own road models.

On the mountain, Giant was making developments as well. The Maestro Suspension System, according to Giant, allows the rear wheel to travel in a vertical motion when going over rough terrain creating a softer and more precise ride.

Giant Bikes

There is a huge range of giant bikes out there, sold through thousands of retailers around the world. Needless to say, Giant makes a bike for your style and level of riding. Whether you are riding to work, looking for a first bike for your kid, or transitioning from the road to riding your local trails, Giant makes a bike fit for purpose.

Giant Sponsorship

The technology you see on your new giant bike has been tested by the best. Giant sponsors a huge number of riders and race teams in many countries around the world. At the top of the pile is Giant-Alpecin Race Team that competes at the world road race tours such as the Tour de France. On the trails, Giant Factory Off-Road Team includes elite riders from all over the world who consistently perform well on the world stage.