Trek Cycling products


Trek Cycling Products

From its beginnings as a producer of steel alloy touring frames in the mid 70’s, Trek has come a long way. Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg started Trek with the aim of producing quality steel frames in the US to compete with the mid-level and high end market dominated by Italian and Japanese brands. Trek now distributes products under the names Bontrager, Electra Bicycle Company Diamant Bikes, Gary Fisher and Villager Bikes.

Trek bikes and cycling products are distributed in 90 countries worldwide and one of the most recognised names in the cycling world. This is no doubt in part due to the fact that in 1999, Lance Armstrong became the first American to ride and American bike to victory at the Tour de France. He repeated the success a total of seven times, only to have those titles revoked after he admitted to doping throughout his career.

But, this obviously has nothing to do with the bike. A super human athlete needs a super bike to win races - so it’s lucky that Armstrong was riding a Trek.

Trek have always aimed to be at the forefront of innovation, quickly adapting to new materials, and insuring they are of the highest quality by fabricating on site in their own factories.

In 2014, Jens Voight conquered the Hour Record on a Trek pursuit track bike under the new event specifications that combined the two classifications into a single classification.


Acquiring Bontrager in 1995 opened up a world of options for Trek, creating a partnership that meant that Trek Bicycle Corporation could now release bikes complete with Bontrager parts and components, and a range of clothing and accessories to complete the package.

Trek Bikes

While Trek continues to create a line of cycling machines that are suited to elite riders and racing professionals, they also aim to get as many people out and exploring on bikes as possible. Whether you are riding on the road or the mountain; you are commuting to work; looking for your kid’s first bike, or keen to transition to the worlds of e-bikes or cyclocross - Trek designs a model to do the job.

Trek Bike Sponsorships

Working with the best riders means you can develop the best products for an audience that demands more and more from their cycling products. Trek’s own professional road racing team Trek Factory Racing competes at world Tours such as the Giro d’Italia, and the Tour de France, and provides feedback which engineers and designers use in order to create the next Trek performance bike.