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Picking the right bike basket for you

Whether you’re looking for a basket to attach to the front or the rear of your bike, you will find plenty of options available. Bike baskets are mainly made from wicker or steel. In most cases, bike baskets are additional accessories that you will purchase separately to the bike. Having said this, sometimes bike baskets are part of the bike package when you are purchasing kids bikes. Some of us think of bike baskets and think of Audrey Hepburn – classic style cycling to the market. However, bike baskets can also be extremely handy for mountain bikes, load carrying and family bikes. The great thing about bike baskets is the diversity of options out there. Whatever size, colour or style you should have no end of choices. Bike baskets will usually be sold with hooks or clasps so that you can attach them firmly to your bike and not worry about them coming off.

Bike basket

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