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If you thought Bell produced bike bells, you’d lose that round in the trivia competition!

Bell came to life in the mid 1940s by a man called Roy Richter, who was originally focused on developing automotive parts. Following the deaths of two close friends as a result of tragic car racing accidents, Roy decided to turn his talent and energy into designing safety equipment for racing.

Roy’s helmets grew a reputation in their own right, to the point where Bell Helmets was founded in 1956. It wasn’t until the mid 1970s that Bell looked beyond car and motorbike racing and turned its attention to bicycles as well. The Bell helmet became the leading benchmark for all other helmets at the time, and the company established a reputation for innovation and design that lives strong to this present day.

Whether you’re in the market for a road helmet, a race helmet, a mountain bike helmet, a BMX helmet, a fusion sports helmet, a kid’s helmet – you name it and Bell probably designs and makes it.

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