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Bagging the Right Bike Bag

Pannier Bags

This is normally the type of bike bag you see when people have decided to take fairly long-haul cycling or bike touring trips, or they need to carry a lot more on their bike ride than one small backpack will allow.

Panniers clasp onto the back and/or front of your bike, and they normally come in pairs which makes it easier to keep the bike balanced (provided your packing is fairly even on both sides!).

Another great feature of pannier bags is that they keep the contents of the bike bag away from the body. This means you avoid having to wrap items in plastic (and then place them in your jersey pockets), and avoid trying to jam more than is humanely possible into one item of clothing!

pannier bags

Bike Bags

Anyone who loves or invests serious money into their bike knows the value of bike bags. These are the type of bags you use when you need to transport your bike by plane, train, bus, boat, etc. We’ve all heard nightmare stories about unprotected bikes arriving on the luggage aisle with a snapped frame, dint or some other damage. But there is a little bit of effort required in protecting your bike in a bike bag! Firstly, you will need to pack the bike down, meaning you will have to remove (and release air from) the wheels, twist the handlebars so they’re more in-line with the frame of the bike, and protecting spokes. Some people like to place a few of their cycling clothes in plastic bags and then use these as added layers of protection, especially around the spokes. Just remember to keep any valuable items away from the bike chain so they don’t get bike grease on them! Another tip is to record all your bike settings before you start dismantling. Some bike shops and bike fitting specialists now provide your bike measurements on USBs (once they have professionally bike fitted you), which makes life a lot easier. Otherwise leave discreet markings or take notes/ photos of exactly what fits where, just so when you put the bike all back together again you have everything in its perfect place!

bike bag

Bags for your wheels

Bike wheel bags are a really terrific option for those who want to take extra care of their bike wheels – especially expensive and high quality race wheels. The last thing you want is to turn up to a race city and discover your wheel spokes are ruined! Wheel bags come in varying sizes and although most people usually need a wheel bag for two wheels, there are options available for one wheel only.

bicycle wheel bag

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