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Clicking Into The World of Cleats

Bike cleats basically make it a lot easier for a cyclist to ride a bike! They’re a secure way of keeping the bike shoe connected to the bike pedal without having to resort to things such as bike shoe ‘cages’, which can be difficult to get in and out of easily and quickly.

In short, bike cleats screw into the sole of the cycling shoe so that riders just have to ‘clip in’ and ‘clip out’ of the bike. Not only does it make that whole transition process smooth, it is also really efficient as it means cyclists can ‘pull up’ as much as they ‘push down’ on the pedal, hence getting maximum power from literally a full cycle.

It is really worthwhile investing in quality cleats that make it easy to clip in and out easily. This is especially important as you slow/ stop for lights or if you identify a pending hazard and need to bring the bike to a stop and keep it balanced.

It is also important to make sure the cleat is placed properly on the sole of your shoe. If you are unsure about this, then go to your local bike store and get their advice/ assistance. A slightly misplaced cleat could mean you’re whole cycling motion is compromised.

Purchasing good quality cleats from trusted brands is recommenced as features such as quick release are important if the user ever needs to un-clip quickly.

Bike cleats are used by road riders, triathletes, mountain bike riders and BMXers, although the style of cleat tends to differ depending on the type of riding you want to do.

And although it might seem obvious, take extra care when you are actually walking in your cleated shoes, especially going downstairs or on slippery/ wet surfaces.


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