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Cycling Holiday Essentials

The Bike

Planning a bicycle holiday? The golden rule is to make sure you have the right bike for the job. If you’re heading off-terrain, then a mountain bike is probably going to be your trusted steed. If you’re attacking the Alps, then you’ll be looking for a super lightweight bike that is going to take a little of the strain off that climbing. If you just want to pull the bike out for the occasion meander through a village, then depending on the quality of surface a hybrid, a touring bike or perhaps even a fixie could do the job. Research your destination to be sure you’re selecting the right bike for you!

The Gear

A bicycle holiday needs bicycle gear! How many days riding will you be doing? Do you plan to launder your gear daily, or will you be banishing it to plastic bags and starting with a fresh kit each day? Do you even need a bike kit, or will your daily wardrobe be a-ok? A good idea is to start a list of all the mandatories required and literally begin at the top and work down to the bottom helmet, sunnies, sweat band (or head warmer, depending on the season), right down to socks and footwear.

Don’t forget all your back-up equipment, too! Bike pump, bike bottles, spare tubes, a puncture repair kit and possibly even some basic First Aid supplies are all handy to have on a bicycle holiday.

Depending on the cost involved (accessing Wifi overseas can come with its own horror stories), then a smart phone with an appropriate navigational app or just a great old fashion map (in a plastic carrier) are good to bring on board as well!

The Sustenance

Is your destination bike friendly? Will there be plenty of well-stocked stops along your route, such as cafes (serving good food for keeping riders fuelled) or town wells with fresh spring water? Do you need supplements? Are you going to a hot climate that will melt certain foods? How frequently are you going to need to eat and will you have to be carrying your own nutrition the whole time? Answers to these questions will help inform what ends up in your luggage!

Enjoy your bicycle holiday and have fun pulling together all the essentials!

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