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You’d Better Put A Lock On It

It’s good to know there are plenty of options for keeping your bike under lock and key! Choose between chain locks, U-locks, D-locks, cable locks, wheel locks… The variables seem endless.

Cable and chain locks enable you to lock your bike to a number of differently shaped fixed objects. They are usually bought with combination or key mechanisms and are easily to transport around, as well.

If you’re after maximum security, though, then U-locks or D-locks are probably the way to go, as these are made of thick metal meaning someone up to no good is going to have to make a lot more effort to cut through to free your bike.

Wheel locks are probably the least common option, and are a low security mechanism that prevents the rear wheel from moving. Although they immobilise the bike, they don’t affix it to another stationery item so in theory there’s nothing stopping someone literally picking up the whole bike and taking off with it.

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