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When we talk about bike racks, we’re usually talking about a means of safely affixing a bike to a vehicle so that it can be transported, or an actual place where a bike is stored.

Bike Racks

It is now quite common to see bikes transported on the rooves of cars, or at the rear of a vehicle. Usually the choice comes down to personal preference. Most cars tend to only have between one or three bike racks on their roof however, anyone who has watched the Tour de France will see just how many can be squeezed on if need’s be…!

Racks for car rooves usually come in two choices – one allowing the bike to remain completely assembled, or the other which requires the front wheel to be removed (and placed in the boot or main body of the vehicle). Additionally accessories can be purchased to help protect the bike from insects etc. when making especially long trips. If you are purchasing a new car and you plan to then go out and get a bike roof rack for it, just be sure the roof is bike rack-friendly. As strange as it sounds, some may not be!

Bike racks at the rear of cars usually just require a little more attention in making sure that once the car is moving, bikes are not going to sway and hit one another.

Standing Bike Rack

A standing bike rack is what you’d use when, for example, you’ve ridden your bike into town and need to park it somewhere secure. Normally found in public areas and schools, bike racks mean you can keep your bike standing freely without having to resort to a stand. Most people carry around with them a bike lock that they then use to fit the bike securely to the bike rack. It’s a good idea to reverse your bike back into a bike rack and lock the rear wheel – make sure you wrap the lock around the frame as well so someone can’t simply detach the frame from the wheel and take off with it.

Bike Stand

Hanging Bike Rack

Most commonly used in homes (although growing in popularity at bike-friendly work places and cafes), hanging bike racks are a great way of storing your bike without it taking up standing space! Some hanging bike racks are becoming more like works of art in their own right, so if aesthetic appeal is important in your home then you should find something to fit the bill!

Hanging Bike Rack

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