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As the name suggests, bike trailers can be affixed to your bike and enable you to tow something. There are different bike trailers for varying needs but in most cases, a bike trailer will have between one to three wheels and be connected to your bike via the seat post or a rear axle.

So what type of bike trailers are there?

The most common types of bike trailers are for carrying children, cargo or pets.

The cargo bike trailer is what you’d be likely to see when on a cycling tour, as they allow cyclists to transport bulkier or heavier items that normally would be too difficult to carry without a bike trailer. Cargo bike trailers are terrific for towing items such as tenting and equipment, camp cooking items, extra clothing etc. – meaning you can be completely self-sufficient whilst on a cycling holiday.

A child carrying trailer will normally sit lower to the ground so that stability is enhanced and the chance of a fall is reduced. These bike trailers will usually have three wheels so as to keep the trailer as safe as possible. Child carrying trailers are a great way for the whole family to get out and enjoy a ride, as it of course means little ones get all the thrills of a ride without getting too tired too quickly. It is also a top way to introduce little ones to the joys of cycling so that by the time they’re a bit bigger and can handle longer distances, they’re ready to make their own way there!

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