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Not Just Full of Air – The Lowdown on Tyres

It all depends on what type of bike and riding you want to do, as to which is the right tyre for the job.

The two most common types of tyres are known as clinchers and tubulars, the difference being how they are attached to the rim of the tyre.

Tubular Tyres

Tubular tyres are actually stitched close around the inner tube and get attached to the rim with adhesive. These are usually preferred by serious road riders or those riding in a race, as the tyre is strong, firm and lightweight. The catch however, is that tubular tyres are not straightforward to change or repair, so if you get a puncture then it can be quite a job fixing it and getting back on the bike in good time.

Clincher Tyres

Clincher tyres have a wire or Kevlar bead that interlocks with the rim, meaning the tube lies between the rim and the tyre tread. Clincher tyres are a good option for those who want to quickly and easily access the tube for puncture repair.

Road Tyres

Most cyclists tend to opt for narrow, slick tyres such as 700x23, which will provide minimum resistance over a road’s surface. Serious road racers might opt for singulars or tubular tyres, which are essentially a tube and tyre in one and can maintain really high pressure (160psi). Just remember that a single can only be used by a particular wheel.

Road tyre1

Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain Bike Tyres Tyres for mountain bikes tend to have a tread that is either slick, which is great for smooth urban surfaces, or knobby, which is best for off-road surfaces or for riders needing more traction. Mountain bike tyres are generally a 26-inch tyre, varying in width from 1.25 inches to 2.75 inches.

Mountain Tyre1

BMX Tyres

BMX tyres are normally 20-inch and range in width from 1.90 inches to 2.25 inches. It depends on the type of BMX riding you’re doing as to the right traction for you; again knobby tyres will suit off-road surfaces or dirt riding whilst a smooth slick tyre is going to be more appropriate for parks or urban riding.

Road tyre1

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