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About BMX Bikes

BMX biking took off in the early 1970's, originally children  began racing their BMX's around dirt tracks. This trend was thought to be inspired by the motorcross scene and it's superstars. By the late 1970's BMX racing had soared in popularity with many children choosing BMX style bikes as their first preference for a bike. Today BMX is still very popular amongst kids but also appeals to many adult riders, particularly after the introduction of BMX race events in the Olympic Games.

Though BMX bike racing is potentially the most well known style of BMX riding there are a few other categories of BMX riding that attract a lot of enthusiasts. These styles being; Freestyle/Flatland BMX, Trick/Park BMX & Vert/Jump BMX riding. Freestyle entails the rider moving around the bike using urban terrain (stairs, handrails, benches) to perform maneuvers over and around the obstacles in a stylish manner. Trick/Park BMX riding is often conducted at skate parks where riders use the ramps, trails & jumps to perform impressive tricks, mostly aerial. Vert/Jump riding is about getting massive air time from jumps whilst performing aerial maneuvers and landing, this is perhaps the most extreme style of BMX riding.

Traditional BMX

  • Generally has 20" tyres.
  • Lightweight frame and components
  • Knobby tyres
  • Suitable for off-road, race & flatland riding styles.
  • Strong rear brake


Freestyle BMX

  • Very sturdy and strong frame
  • Smooth tyres suited to road or sealed surfaces
  • Cable de-tangling headset
  • Axle pegs
  • Suitable for freestyle, street & park riding styles
Freestyle BMX

Jump BMX

  • Heaviest frame of the BMX types
  • Heavily treaded tyres
  • Extremely strong and durable frame
  • Has larger 24" wheels than other BMX frame types
  • Suitable for dirt jumps & off-road
Jump BMX

Popular BMX Brands:

There is a wide range of BMX brands available, most brands choose to specialise solely in BMX bike manufacturing that allows them to design and produce top tier BMX bikes. Bellow is a list of popular BMX bike brands:

  • Search for We The People BMX bikes.
  • Search for Eastern BMX bikes.
  • Search for Redline BMX bikes.
  • Search for Mongoose BMX bikes.
  • Search for Colony BMX bikes.
  • Search for Fit BMX bikes.
  • Search for Kink BMX bikes.
  • Search for Verde BMX bikes.
  • Search for Sunday BMX bikes.

BMX Trick Riding

Major BMX Events Worldwide

  • The X Games
  • UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Series
  • Caen International
  • St Etienne Indoor
  • BMX World Championships
  • UEC 2013 BMX European Series
  • BMX Summer Games
  • British BMX Series & Championships

If you have any specific questions about BMX and BMX bike ranges, or would simply like to hear more about what makes freestyle BMX, Jump BMX and racing BMX so much fun, please feel free to contact us.


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