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Seach or Sell Brake Levers

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Most of us would agree bike brake levers are mandatory bike accessories! These are what we rely on when we need to slow down or stop our bike. So as to be easily and quickly accessible, bike brake levers will generally be mounted on a bike’s handlebars. They will however, vary in shape and size depending on the brand but ultimately, their function and purpose is to slow or stop a bike’s movement when the lever is squeezed. When it comes to bike brake levers, you have two choices – hydraulic or mechanical. The latter relies on a wire running from the lever down to the brakes. When the break is squeezed the wire is pulled or constricted, and the breaking mechanism is activated. Like mechanical brakes, hydraulic brakes work much the same way but they use a pipe filled with hydraulic liquid versus a cable. The liquid is activated as a piston when squeezed. Although they both achieve the same outcome, hydraulic bike brakes are less likely to fail. If you are in the market to change your brake levers, just be sure that they are compatible with the actual braking mechanism.

Brake Levers

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