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Bike brake pads are the devices that stop or slow your bike when you squeeze the bike brake lever. It depends on the bike braking mechanism as to where your bike brake pads will be located. There are generally two key types of brake mechanisms that are used on the majority of modern bikes; disc brakes and rim brakes.

Disc Brakes

If you are after maximum stopping power, then disc brakes are for you. This does however, mean that they are a more expensive option to rim brakes (below). Disk brakes essentially comprise a disc that is fixed to the wheel hub and brake callipers that are mounted to the frame so as to house the disc brakes. Disk brakes are likely to be seen on high-end mountain bikes however, they can also be used for urban and touring bikes.

Disc Brake Pads

Rim Brakes

Inexpensive and effective, rim brakes are the preferred option for a lot of riders. Made from a firm and sticky rubber, rim brakes can be used on the back and/or front rim or rims or your bike. Rim brake pads are located either side of the rim, meaning they press into it when the brake mechanism is activated.

Opt for a trusted brand when buying brake pads, as this helps ensure the longevity and efficiency of the bike brake pad.

Bike Brake Pads

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