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Cycling Eye-Wear Overview

Cycling eyewear serves two purposes. UV and glare protection from the sun but also to shield your eyes from insects or small debris that might have flicked up from a passing car. Eyewear should be chosen and worn to suit the right light conditions.

The lens itself also needs to be impact resistant, most lenses are made from a polycarbonate material which has enough flex to absorb high impacts. Unfortunately the trade off is that this means the lens softer and more susceptible to scratching. I’m sure you would agree that a damaged lens is better than permanent eye damage.

There are various types of lenses that offer various advantages in differing conditions. Some examples are listed below: So for your next purchase think of styles that can swap lenses while still considering the strength of uv and glare.

Polarised Lense Glasses

Glasses Polarised1

  • Reduces glare
  • Suitable for bright sunny days

Photochromatic Lense Glasses

Glasses Photochromatic1

  • Changes with all conditions
  • Suitable for all types of light

Clear Lense Glasses

Clear Glasses

  • Neutral tint
  • Suitable for poor light

Brown Red Lense Glasses

Glasses RedBrown1

  • Adds definition and relaxes eye
  • Suitable for all day light

Orange Lense Glasses

Glasses Orange1

  • Adds definition and relaxes eye
  • Suitable for all day light

Yellow Lense Glasses

Glasses Yellow1

  • Adds definition
  • Suitable for cloudy and dark days

Brown Lense Glasses

Glasses Brown1

  • Reduces Glare
  • Suitable for sunny days and high altitude

Generally speaking there are two types of frames, full or half rims. Each type has advantages and drawbacks. Full frames offer greater protection against impacts and are generally safer, but suffer from reduced air ventilation. Half rim frames have greater air ventilation and often have the ability to interchange between lens but have reduced impact protection even a small chance of the naked lens edge cutting your face. Whatever your choice always choose a pair that is comfortable and safe.

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