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Bicycle Helmet Overview

Helmets are the most important piece of cycling equipment you will buy, no helmet is too safe. Helmets that are the wrong size not only may be uncomfortable, but will most likely not protect your head properly. Read the information below carefully to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a helmet.

Helmet Fit

When trying on helmets be sure to try several models from as many different brands as you can. Most brands helmets will vary in dimension, some will fit your head naturally. A properly fitted helmet should feel firm on your head and when the straps are loose you should be able to loosely move your head without the helmet falling off. If you gently move your helmet it should slightly move the skin on your forehead. If the helmet feels comfortable and isn’t too tight, it’s a good fit!

MTB Helmet

Helmet Adjustment

Many helmets feature adjustable rear head locks and almost all helmets will have adjustable chin straps allowing the wearer to customise the helmet for a perfect fit. The most common way to adjust a helmet’s rear headlock is by turning the knob clockwise to tighten or anticlockwise to loosen. You should be able to see the brace move when turning the knob, higher quality helmets will have the knob located on the top of the helmet. Some helmets such as BMX helmets do not have rear head locks, featuring just a chin strap.

Road Helmet1

Helmet Saftey

Be sure to check that the helmet you are inquiring about meets New Zealand design and safety standards. Most helmets on the market will be compliant with this standard. But it never hurts to check, BMX helmets are the usual culprits of not adhering to the safety standards.

BMX Helmet1

Why Pay More?

The more you pay for a helmet the better quality it will be. Higher quality helmets will be more comfortable, have better adjustment mechanisms and will look and feel a lot better than cheaper helmets. It is important to buy a good quality helmet as your safety is the highest priority when riding.

Take care of your helmet

For all helmets it is important to take note of the manufactures care and maintenance recommendations. Treat your helmet with care and try not to drop it as this can damage the internal structure of the helmet.

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