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Cycling Shoes Overview

For the average cyclist a well fitted sports runner is all that you will require to get pedaling. For more advanced riders, usually road/race riders that require greater performance and efficiency specialty cycling shoes are essential. These shoes feature a clip in feature allowing you to bind your shoe to the pedal much like a skier does with his/her skis. The resulting synergy increases performance and pleasure.

Tips on Buying the Right Bike Shoes

  • The shoe should be a firm fit around the heel and bridge of your foot but not too tight as once you get the blood pumping your foot may swell.
  • If there is any pain or slight uncomfortably after wearing the shoe, it is a bad fit.
  • Different brands of cycling shoes will vary in size dimensions, trying on as many different brands as you can will help you achieve that desired Cinderella fit.
  • Pedal clips are not always universally compatible with cycling shoes. Be sure to check your shoe choice fits your pedal before buying!
  • What does paying more get me? More expensive shoes are generally made from higher quality materials resulting in a stiffer sole, firmer structure and increased support whilst producing the maximum possible power delivery.

Types and Characteristics of Bike Shoes

Mountain Bike Shoes

  • Designed to click into your pedals and generally allow you to walk or run in them.
  • Are typically broken down in to 2 different types,
    • Racing / Off-road – As well as clicking into your pedals these shoes have a jacked sole similar to football boots to aid grip in dirt and mud.
    • Standard – As well as clicking into your pedals these shoes are similar to sport shoes and are comfortable to walk in.

Mountain Shoe1

Road Cycling Shoes

  • Stiffer sole than most other bike shoes. The advantage of having a stiff sole for cycling is that it increases efficiency and spreads out the load on your feet. This makes you much more comfortable during long rides as localized pressure is reduced.
  • A stiff sole and road cleat does make walking more difficult.

Road Shoe1

Triathlon Cycling Shoes

  • Designed for tri-athletes. These shoes are similar to road shoes but are typically tightened by one large velcro strap that allows you to put your shoes on as quickly as possible.

Traithlon Shoe1

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