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Cutting Edge Group sets and Wheels at Campagnolo

Campagnolo takes its name from original founder, Tullio Campagnolo, who established this brand in the early 1930s in Vicenza, Italy. Tullio Campagnolo was a racing cyclist back in the 1920s, and came up with ideas on how to improve the bike componentry’s simplicity. A lot of these ideas we now find to be common bike features, but back in the day they were highly innovative game changers, and included the quick release mechanism for bike wheels, as well as the creation of modern derailleurs, used for smooth and easy gear changing.

Campagnolo has established an enviable reputation for high quality group sets, something in which the brand has specialised for more than 80 years. Group sets are available for road bikes, time trial bikes, cyclo cross bikes and track (or Pista) bikes.

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The Campagnolo accessory range extends to:

  • Campagnolo Groupsets
  • Campagnolo Brakes
  • Campagnolo Clothing
  • Campagnolo Apparel
  • Campagnolo Cranksets
  • Campagnolo Pedals
  • Campagnolo Wheels
  • Campagnolo Bottom Brackets
  • Campagnolo Derailleurs
  • Campagnolo Headsets

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