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Carrying Bikes on Your Car – The Options

Car bike carriers are affixed to either the roof of the car, or the car’s tail bar. They are a sensational option for transporting your bike from A to B without having to work miracles getting it to fit in the car.

Car bike carriers are especially handy for couples or families, ensuring you can transport your bikes without having to sacrifice any seats!

If you are in the market for a car bike carrier, just be sure to double check that the model you are after will fit your car.

Rooftop Car Bike Carrier

• Options usually enable you to keep the bike fully assembled, or remove the front wheel (and place it in boot, etc)
• Remember the height of your car has now increased!
• Bikes are very secure

car bike carrier roof

Tow Ball Car Bike Carrier

• Tow bar slot mandatory
• Rear-view visibility is poor
• User-friendly and quick to install
• A particularly good option for small cars

car bike carrier

Boot Car Bike Carrier

• Normally features several adjustment options allowing the bike to fit a large number of car models
• Rear view visibility especially poor
• Installation can be a little fiddly
• Economical option

Boot Car Bike Carrier

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