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When The Sun’s Away, The Cateye Comes Out To Play

Getting yourself noticed by surrounding traffic is a big priority for a cyclist, especially as they sun goes down (or if it hasn’t quite come up yet!).

CatEye is regarded as a world leader when it comes to the manufacturing of reflectors, lights and cycle computers.

A Japanese company that was established in the mid 1940s, CatEye pioneered in the mid 1960s the world’s first flashing lamp for bikes. This then flowed onto the development in 2001 of the world’s first head lamp, which used white LEDs.

It was in the early 1980s that CatEye launched its first cycle computer. Altimetre, heart rate and cadence technology was soon integrated into these computers, galvanising CatEye’s position as a pioneer in leading edge technology and innovation.

The CatEye range includes cycling computers, lights, bottle cages and attachable rear view mirrors.

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The CatEye accessory range extends to:

  • CatEye Bottle Cages
  • CatEye Trip Computers
  • CatEye Heart Rate Monitors
  • CatEye Lights

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