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Classic Bikes Overview

Classic style bicycles are bikes that are intended to replicate the design of bikes manufactured through the 1940’s to 1970’s. These bikes often feature larger seats, storage capabilities and sissy handlebars. They are a perfect cycle for the daily commute, easy to use, sturdy, comfortable and able to carry luggage.

Many different manufacturers produce classic style bikes these days. Custom options for classic bikes are common place, offering a range of different accessories and colour schemes to personalise your ride.

Classic Bike

  • Custom seat
  • Custom handles
  • Pannier rack
  • Vintage design

Classic Bike

Classic Bike Brands:

There is a wide range of Classic Bike brands available, some brands choose to specialise solely in Vintage bike manufacturing that allows them to design and produce top tier Classic bikes. Bellow is a list of popular Vintage bike brands:

  • Search for Apollo Classic Bikes.
  • Search for Giant Classic Bikes.
  • Search for Globe Classic Bikes.
  • Search for Schwinn Classic Bikes.
  • Search for Chapelli Classic Bikes.
  • Search for Electra Classic Bikes.
  • Search for XDS Classic Bikes.
  • Search for Merida Classic Bikes.

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