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CO2 Canisters – Changing a Flat Is a Cinch

Before a world of CO2 canisters, once upon a time a flat tyre would signal the start of a long process, ending with the cyclist by the side of the road pumping furiously to get the tyre back up and ready to roll. These days, a lot of the hard work is removed from that process, and it’s largely thanks to CO2 canisters.

In short, CO2 canisters contain CO2 that can be released into your tube with minimal fuss and effort. The CO2 canister is connected to the pressure valve of the spare tube for an instant release of CO2. Just remember the canister cools right down in the process – something to bear in mind on those particularly cold wintery days!

Not only is it so easy to use CO2 Canisters, they’re practical to carry around and particularly good when racing so you can get back on your bike and across that finish line!

C02 Canister

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