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Cruiser Bike Overview

Cruiser bikes are designed with two things in mind, style and comfort. Cruiser bikes are renowned for their comfort but unfortunately their comfort comes at a trade off of efficiency, due to their low seat, high handle bars and upright riding position. Cruiser enthusiasts have taken style to a new level, customising the bike to look like chopper motorcycles. See Low Rider Bikes for more information.

Characteristics of a Cruiser

  • Relaxed frame geometry provides the utmost comfort whole largely sacrificing efficiency.
  • Unique colours and styles. Style is an important factor when buying a cruiser.
  • Large seat for comfort
  • High handlebar position for comfort
  • Gears will vary between cruisers, from no gears, to three speed to 21 speed.


Cruiser Bike Brands

There is a wide range of Cruiser brands available, bellow is a list of popular Cruiser brands:

Search for Electra Cruiser Bikes.
Search for Schwinn Cruiser Bikes.
Search for Giant Cruiser Bikes.
Search for XDS Cruiser Bikes.
Search for SE Bikes Cruiser Bikes.
Search for Skull X Bones Cruiser Bikes.
Search for Nirve Cruiser Bikes.
Search for Merida Cruiser Bikes.
Search for Phat Cruiser Bikes.

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