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Cyclocross Bike Overview

Cyclocross bikes are bikes that are designed specifically for use in cyclocross races.

So what is cyclocross? Cyclocross is a type of race where riders race around a circuit that consists of sealed roads, off road tracks and obstacles. The catch is that riders are required to dismount and carry their bike over shoulder to navigate obstacles. Cyclocross races are generally conducted in the winter months and vary in length depending on the difficulty of the terrain. Cyclocross’s origins can be traced back to the early 1900’s specifically in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Today cyclocross events are becoming increasingly popular with many riders choosing to specialise in cyclocross.

Cyclocross bikes have a similar frame geometry to road cycles but allow for larger knobby wheels and wheel clearances. The rest of their features are identical to road cycles, that being they are lightweight and have drop down handlebars..

Characteristics of Cyclocross Bikes

  • Drop handlebar.
  • Light frame.
  • Tubular tyres.
  • Knobby Tread.

Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross Brands

There is a wide range of cyclocross bike brands available, bellow is a list of popular cyclocross bike brands:

Search for Cannondale Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Specialized Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Giant Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Scott Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Felt Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Avanti Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Merida Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Fuji Cyclocross Bikes.
Search for Apollo Cyclocross Bikes.

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