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Electric Bikes Overview

Electric bikes or power assisted bikes are bikes that have an electric motor to assist pedaling/movement. Electric bikes vary greatly in terms of how far and how fast they can travel. The difference between power assisted bikes and electric bikes is that electric bikes are act like a motorbike with a throttle and can move without pedaling where as power assisted bikes only assist the rider whilst they are pedaling. There are a range of different electric bike styles from flat bar road bikes to mountain bikes.

In some countries electric bikes are classified as vehicles and need to be registered, New Zealand’s classification of electric bikes is: Power-Assisted road cycle with a motor of up to 300W in capacity, the law treats them as a normal cycle and they do not require a license or registration to ride or purchase them.

Specialized Electric Bikes

Characteristics of Electric Bikes:

  • Has a motor and battery
  • Can be pedaled like a regular bike
  • Regular bikes can be fitted with an electric bike kit
  • Can reach speeds around 30km/h
  • Average battery life is around 40km

BH E Motion Bike

Power Assisted Electric Bikes:

For some time electric/motorised bikes where quite primitive in design functionally similar to small motorcycles that had throttles some times even running on fossil fuels. In recent years many of the worlds leading electric bike manufacturers have designed more efficient electric motors and batteries that really make the change of lifestyle to an electric bike possible for the boarder community.

The new standard of electric bikes is what is called "power assisted" electric bike, various manufacturers have their own versions of this system but as a whole the overall performance of power assisted bikes is astonishing. Instead of a throttle or an on/off switch, power assisted bikes increase the power of each pedal stroke seamlessly allowing for much easier pedaling as well as markedly faster.

The further development of power assisted technology has lead to a frenzy of possibilities particularly in electric bicycle design. Some of the highlights are; hub powered electric bikes which in turn has allowed in-frame motors and batteries. Advances in battery and motor maintenance, longevity, output and durability and light weight components.

Audi E Bikes

Electric Bike Brands

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in part due to rising petrol prices and wider environmental footprint recognition. Electric bike brands are constantly developing new technologies to power the bike at higher speeds for longer distances whilst being functional and reliable. See the list bellow for popular brand electric bike brand choices.

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