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Power in Pedalling – Electric Conversion Kits

Haven’t heard of an Electric Conversion Kit? Picture this - you’re out riding and suddenly get passed on a hill by a cyclist going twice as fast, with seemingly no effort whatsoever. There is a chance he or she is an awesome cyclist, sure, but there’s also a good probability you’ve been passed by an Electric Conversion Kit at work!

Electric Conversion Kits mean you don’t always have to rely on leg pedalling power alone – they give your bike the option to be a hybrid powered machine! Normally either battery or petrol fuelled engines, Electronic Conversion Kits are a cheap and easy way to get out moving, and moving a lot faster than your legs alone would normally take you.

Electric Conversion Kits are a particularly good idea for commuting cyclists who otherwise would have too far to travel to work, and want to arrive ‘fresh’ but still get out and enjoy a bit of fresh air!

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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