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Extreme MTB Holiday

An extreme cycling tour is every bit how it sounds – extreme! These are the sort of cycling tours that are not for the faint-hearted! But if this is your style of getting around and seeing a new place, then there are few things more addictive

Extreme bike tours can be found the world around. Thick jungles, super steep descents, hairy precipices; it’s all there and ready for the taking! Given the challenges and landscapes involved, it’s no wonder extreme cycling tours are usually taken in small groups and comprise of advanced riders with a professional guide. That said, there’s nothing stopping you from organising your own extreme bike tour.

So where are some of the more extreme options for extreme bike tours? India, the Himalayas, Thailand and France are just a few of the many countries that serve up some super extreme bike options.

But if you want really, really extreme, then you’ll be pleased to hear back at home in our Remarkables is where you will find some of the world’s best extreme downhill riding. Here and in Canada’s Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains is where you will find some of the coolest vertical drops – top skiing in winter, but awesome riding when all that snow melts away.

What do you need? Well it goes without saying that a mountain bike is likely to be your best choice for pretty much all types of extreme bike tours. Mountain bikes have a strong frame and large wheels and tread that give you control, stability but don’t sacrifice performance. Where are you going? Maybe you’ll be better off with dual suspension so the impact on your bike is softened?

Wherever you go and whatever you’ve got planned, if you’re off for some extreme bike touring then you’re off for an awesome experience.

Extreme MTB Touring

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