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A Look at Eyewear

Although it all comes down to personal preference, eyewear is an extremely common bike accessory amongst cyclists. These days, eyewear can be tailored to full daylight, low light or no light circumstances. Indeed, some lenses (photochromic) will adapt themselves to changes in light, whereas other versions will enable you to alternate between inter-changing lenses. Polarised lenses, which essentially reduce the sun’s surface glare, are popular amongst high-end eyewear, and most options these days will come with a degree of UV protection.

Trends come and go and certainly eyewear is the sort of accessory that will be influenced by this. That said, there are plenty of options on the market ensuring all styles and budgets are catered to.

The material used in making eyewear can vary but when it comes to cycling, obviously the more lightweight yet durable the material, the better.

Cycling Eyewear

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