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Fixie Bike Overview

Fixie bikes are similar to flat bar road bikes in geometry, but have two major differences. The first being fixie's only have one speed, secondly they generally have a fixed rear wheel. Essentially the fixie is a street version of a track bike used in velodrome except fixie's often have brakes.

What is a fixed wheel? A fixed wheel means that the bikes sprocket is fixed to the wheel. Therefor if the bike is moving so too are its pedals. Unfortunately tackling any kind of gradient whether it be up or down becomes quite difficult, making fixie bikes only suitable for flat sealed roads.

Because fixie bikes feature just a single speed and no frills there is very little than can go wrong with them. They are very reliable!

Characteristics of Fixie Bikes

  • No Gears.
  • Generally have a fixed wheel.
  • Can have drop, raiser or flat handlebars.

Marin Choosing Fixie

Fixie Bike Brands

There is a wide range of fixie bike brands available, bellow is a list of popular fixie bike brands:

Search for Globe Fixie Bikes.
Search for SE Bikes Fixie Bikes.
Search for Chappelli Fixie Bikes.
Search for Masi Fixie Bikes.
Search for Mongoose Fixie Bikes.
Search for Specialized Fixie Bikes.
Search for Schwinn Fixie Bikes.
Search for Bianchi Fixie Bikes.
Search for Fuji Fixie Bikes.

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