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Giro d Italia Holidays

For over 150 years Italy’s iconic Giro d’Italia has captured the attention and imagination of not only Italy, but the world, and it’s a sensational reason to take a bike holiday!

In the same vein as the Tour de France, the ‘Giro’ winds its way through some of the most spectacular scenery its host country can serve up. This is a chance to not only soak up all this brilliant scenery, but of course to indulge in the gastronomic delights of authentic Italian food – buonissimo!

The passionate, fun culture of the locals is infectious. And if you’re planning a bike holiday with children involved, then you’ll enjoy coming to Italy for the Giro – Italians love bambini and will give you all plenty of attention!.

Have a blast at the Giro and a sensational bike holiday in Italy!

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