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Haro Bikes Overview

Haro Bikes founded by Bob Haro in 1978 in California, U.S. was originally a BMX styling company offering stylish customising for BMX bikes. By 1980 Haro bikes had grown in reputation and popularity largely due to Bob Haro travelling around the U.S. promoting Freestyle BMX bike riding performing radial trick riding demos. As a result Bob Haro and & Haro Bikes was dubbed "the father of freestyle." By 1982 Haro Bikes successfully designed, manufactured and tested their first BMX bike. Today Haro bikes produces highly regarded BMX bikes and a small range of other bike models but mainly specialising in BMX bikes. Haro bikes has and still does sponsor professional riders in the BMX scene, some of these riders are Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson and Cory Nastazio.

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2014 Haro BMX Bikes:

100.1, 200.1, 300.1, 350.1, 400.1, 500.1, Blackout, Expert, Junior, Mini, Pro, Pro 24, ZX-20.

2014 Haro 26" Moutain Bikes:

Flightline One, Flightline Sport, Flightline Two.

2014 Haro 27.5" Moutain Bikes:

Flightline Comp 27.5, Flightline Sport 27.Five, Flightline Trial 27.5.

2014 Haro 29er Moutain Bikes:

Flightline 29 One, Flightline 29 Two, Flightline Comp 29, Flightline Sport 29, Flightline Trial 29.

2014 Haro Kids Bikes:

Flightline 20, Flightline 24, Z10 PreWheelz, Z12, Z12 Prewheelz, Z16, Z18, Z20, ZX20, ZX24.

2013 Haro BMX Bikes:

100.1, 124, 200.1, 300.1, 400.1, 500.1, Blackout, Expert, Junior, Mini, Pro, Pro 24, Pro-XL, ZX-20.

2012 Haro BMX Bikes:

000 Brakeless, 100.1, 100.3, 116, 118, 124, 200.1, 200.2, 200.3, 300.1, 300.2, 300.3, 350.1, 350.2, 400.1, 500.1, Expert, Micro Mini, Pro, Pro 24, Pro XL, Race Lite, Team Issue, Top AM, ZX 20.

2012 Haro Mountain Bikes:

Flightline Comp, Flightline Expert, Flightline One, Flightline Sport, Flightline Trail, Flightline Two, Steel Reserve 1.1, Steel Reserve 1.2, Steel Reserve 1.3, Steel Reserve 1.8.

2012 Haro 29er Bikes:

Flightline 29 Comp, Flightline 29 Expert, Flightline 29 Sport, Flightline 29 Trail, Flightline 29 Two.

2012 Haro Fixie Bikes:

Objekt, Projekt.

2012 Haro Kids Bikes:

Flightline 20, Flightline 20 (Girls), Flightline 24, Junior, Mini.

2011 Haro Mountian Bikes:

XC Performance Hardtail, XC Adventure Hardtail, XC Performance 29er.

2011 Haro Mountain Dual Suspension Bikes:

XC Performance Full Suspension, Freestyle MTB.

2011 Haro Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Metro, Heartland, Express.

2011 Haro Fixie Bikes:


2011 Haro Cruiser Bikes:


2011 Haro BMX Bikes:

500 Series, 400 Series, 300 Series, 200 Series, 100 Series, 000 Brakeless Series, 116 Series, 120 Series, 124 Series, Race, Z Series.

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