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Getting Your Head Around Helmets

It is compulsory for all bike riders in New Zealand to wear a helmet. Helmets are designed to help protect a rider’s head in the case of an incident (colliding with a car or other cyclist/ coming off the bike) involving impact to the skull.

Road & Mountain Bike Helmets

Helmets for mountain bike and road riding are designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic and ventilated. When riding in winter or cooler months, you can simply wear a cycling cap or woollen band around your head to help keep the noggin a bit warmer!


Triathlon & Time Trial Helmets

Time trial riders or triathletes on race day will often opt for an aerodynamic helmet that tapers sharply at the base of the head, and extends slightly down the neck. This tear drop shape gives the athlete maximum aerodynamics.

Triathlon Helmet

BMX Helmets

In contrast, BMX riders are not as focused on weight and aerodynamics, instead opting for heavier helmets that cover more of the head.

BMX Helmet 1

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