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Ibis bicycles is an American brand bike manufacturer that was found in 1981 by Scot Nicol. "The first Ibis bicycle was constructed in a funky little workshop up in Mendocino California. The short of it is that someone saw this first bike and asked, “can you build me one?” I said yes." - Scot Nicol, After Ibis's unusual beginning it wasn't long before Ibis bicycles gained traction designing and manufacturing quality bikes in a small range of models across a few riding styles; road, mountain & cross. The team at Ibis remains to be relatively small which gives the brand a personal touch. Ibis bicycles is ever striving to improve their bicycles for all walks of riding enthusiasts.

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2013 Ibis Mountain Bikes:

Mojo SL, Mojo SL-R, Mojo HD, Tranny - Hardtail.

2013 Ibis Road Bikes:

Silk SL, Hakkalugi Disc-O-Fever, Hakkalugi - Versatile.

2013 Ibis 29er Bikes:

The Ripley 29.

2012 Ibis 29er Dual Suspension Bikes

RIPLEY 29ER // 120MM

2012 Ibis Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

MOJO SL // 140MM, MOJO SL-R // 140MM, MOJO HD // 140MM, MOJO HD // 160MM

2012 Ibis Hardtail Mountain Bikes


2012 Ibis Road Bikes


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