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With an edgy name like Lazer, you’d expect this bike helmet brand was just a cool newcomer to the market. Not so – Lazer has been revolutionising the helmet world since the business first began back in 1919 in Belgium. In fact, Lazer is the oldest existing helmet manufacturer in the world!

Elite athletes will often turn to Lazers when competing – they are seriously well-designed and well-made products geared for comfort and performance.

Lazer products also include eyewear and snow helmets.

Lazer Helmet

Lazer’s bicycle products come in a number of different colours and designs. They include:

Road edition:

Tardiz, Helium, Genesis, Sphere, O2, Neon, Wasp

Urban edition:

Urbanize, One, Krux, Cityzen, Street, Street Delux, Armor, Armor Delux, Sweet

Mountain Bike edition:

Nirvana, Oasiz, Clash, Rox

Sport edition:

Vandal, 2x3M, Tempo, X3M, Compact, Beam

Lady edition:


Downhill and BMX edition:

Krux Radical, Excalibur, Next, Phoenix

Kids edition:

Skoot, Nut’z, P’Nut, Max, Bob, Junior, Street Junior

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