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Load Carrying Bike Overview

Load carrying bikes are designed for one purpose. To carry loads that normal bicycles cannot manage. There are a range of different types of load carrying bikes some of these are:

  • Bikes with an extended tail providing extra storage capacity
  • 3 Wheeler Bikes, either 2 wheels at the front or 2 wheels at the back with storage between the two wheels
  • Bikes that have trailers
  • Bikes with an extended 'L' shape front fork allowing the load to be carried in front of the rider
  • Bikes with a kids seats

Generally speaking any type of bike that carries more than the average bicycle fits into this category. There are also many accessories available that can be fitted to many bikes to increase their storage capacity. Such as saddle Bags, baskets, water bottle holders and pannier racks. Usually load carrying bikes are lower to the ground so that their centre of gravity is lower increasing bike stability whilst carrying a load.

Characteristics of Load Carrying Bikes

  • Capable of carrying lots of luggage.
  • Range of different styles, but most commonly a touring bike.
  • On and off road capabilities, depending on the style.

Load Carrying Bike

Load Carrying Bike Brands

There are a few major load carrying bike manufactures the list bellow mentions a few of the major load carrying bike brands.

Search for Specialized Load Carrying Bikes.
Search for Kona Load Carrying Bikes.
Search for Gazelle Load Carrying Bikes.

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