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Low Rider/Chopper Bike Overview

Low rider bikes are the modified cousin’s of cruisers. Key differences are a long, low to the ground frames, sissy handle bars and long banana seats. The riding position is a very relaxed 'lean-back style' where the rider pedals in front of their torso. The uncanny resemblance of this style bike to chopper motorcycles is what gives it the lower rider name.

Unfortunately the trade off for all that style is that the bike handles poorly and isn’t very fast. Low riders are often quite heavy and can only be ridden on sealed roads.

The fun part is choosing the wicked accessories and colour schemes they come in!

Characteristics of Lower Rider/Chopper Bikes

  • Low to the ground.
  • Heavily customised.
  • Slow and heavy.
  • Hard to Turn.
  • Comfortable

Lower Rider Bike1

Lower Rider/Chopper Bike Brands

There are a few major low rider/chopper bike manufactures the list bellow mentions a few of the major low rider/chopper bike brands.

Search for Electra Low Rider/Chopper Bikes.
Search for Skull X Bones Low Rider/Chopper Bikes.
Search for Basman) Low Rider/Chopper Bikes.
Search for Lowrider Collection Low Rider/Chopper Bikes.

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