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Mongoose Bicycles is the brainchild of Skip Hess, who originally started the company as BMX Products Inc. in 1974. After seeing huge growth in the early years Mongoose bicycles settled down in Chatsworth, California where they produced some 600 frames a day. In 2001 Mongoose bicycles was bought by Pacific Cycles, a subsidiary of Dorel Industries. Today Mongoose bicycles has two phases of production, their low end mass market budget bicycles sold throughout super stores world wide and a higher end specialty bikes sold through independent retailers. Mongoose offers a wide range of bike models in and broad spectrum of riding styles and skill levels.

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2014 Mongoose 26" Mountain Bikes:

Fireball, Fireball SS, Ritual, Switchback Comp, Switchback Expert, Switchback Expert Fem, Switchback Sport, Switchback Sport Ladies, Tyax Comp.

2014 Mongoose 29er Bikes:

Tyax Comp 29er, Tyax Sport 29er.

2014 Mongoose 29er Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Salvo Comp 29er, Salvo Sport 29er.

2014 Mongoose Urban Bikes:

Artery Comp, Artery Expert, Artery Sport, Crossway Comp, Crossway Comp Ladies, Crossway Expert Disc, Crossway Sport, Crossway Sport Ladies.

2014 Mongoose Kids Bikes:

Fireball 24, Ladygoose, Lilgoose Boys, Lilgoose Girls, Lilgoose WNR Boys, Lilgoose WNR Girls, Missygoose, Mitygoose, Popstar 20, Popstar 24, Racer X, Shredder 20", Shredder 24".

2013 Mongoose Mountain Bikes:

Fireball 26", Ritual Dirt, Switchback Expert, Switchback Expert Fem, Switchback Sport, Switchback Sport Fem, Tyax Comp, Tyax Expert, Tyax Sport.

2013 Mongoose Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Salvo Comp, Salvo Sport, Teocali Comp, Teocali Expert.

2013 Mongoose 29er Bikes:

Meteore 29'R, Meteore Comp 29'R, Meteore Sport 29'R.

2013 Mongoose BMX Bikes:

Article, Capture, Chamber, Culture, Fraction, Kos Kruiser, Kos Kruiser Signature, Legion, Logo, Program 16", Program 18", Program 20", Subject, Thrive 20", Thrive 24".

2013 Mongoose Urban Bikes:

Crossway 100, Crossway 100 Fem, Crossway 200, Crossway 200 Fem, Crossway 300, Crossway 300 Fem, Ritual Street, Rogue.

2013 Mongoose Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Assphalt, Assphalt Tripel.

2013 Mongoose Fixie Bikes:

Maurice FS.

2013 Mongoose Kids Bikes:

Blaze FW, Boys Shredder 24", Fireball 24", Kid Kruiser, Lady Goose Girls 20", Lightweight Boys 12", Lightweight Boys 16", Lightweight Boys 20", Lightweight Girls 12", Lightweight Girls 16", Lightweight Girls 20", Lightweight LM 2.2 Boys 20", Lightweight LM 2.2 Girls 20", Lightweight LM 2.4 Boys 24", Lightweight LM 2.4 Girls 24", Lil Goose Boys 16", Lil Goose Girls 16", Micron FW, Missy Goose 16", Mity Goose 16", Popstar Girls 20", Racer X Boys 20", Rockadile Comp 20" Boys, Rockadile Comp 20" Girls, Rockadile Comp 24" Boys, Rockadile Comp 24" Girls, Shredder Boys 20".

2012 Mongoose Mountain Bikes:

Fireball 26", Fireball Dirt, Ritual (Street), Switchback Expert, Switchback Expert Fem (Womens), Switchback Sport, Switchback Sport Fem (womens), Tyax Comp, Tyax Expert.

2012 Mongoose Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Boot'r Comp, Boot'r Comp, Boot'r Expert, Salvo Comp, Salvo Elite, Salvo Sport, Slayton Comp, Slayton Elite, Slayton Expert, Teocali Elite, Teocali Expert, Teocali Mega, Teocoil Comp.

2012 Mongoose 29er Bikes:

Meteore Comp 29'r

2012 Mongoose BMX Bikes:

Article, Blaze CB, Blaze FW, Capture, Chamber, Culture, Fraction, KOS Kruiser, Legion, Logo, Micron CB, Mircon FW, Program 16, Program 18, Program 20, Subject, Thrive.

2012 Mongoose Urban Bikes:


2012 Mongoose Hybrid Bikes:

Assphalt, Crossway 150, Crossway 150 Fem (Women), Crossway 250, Crossway 250 Fem (womens), Crossway 350 Disc.

2012 Mongoose Fixie Bikes:

Maurice, Maurice FS.

2012 Mongoose Touring Bikes:

Crossway 100, Crossway 100 Fem (Women), Crossway 300, Crossway 300 Fem (Womens).

2012 Mongoose Kids Bikes:

Fireball 24, Micron FW, Program 16, Rockadile 20 (Girls), Rockadile 20 Boys, Rockadile 24 (Girls), Rockadile 24 Boys.

2011 Mongoose Mountain Bikes:

Switchback Comp, Switchback Sport, Switchback Sport Women’s, Tyax Comp, Tyax Elite, Tyax Super, Tyax Sport, Fireball 24”, Fireball 26”, Ritual Dirt, Ritual Dirt-Hi.

2011 Mongoose Mountain Dual Suspension Bikes:

Salvo Comp, Salvo Elite, Teocali Comp, Teocali Elite, Teocali Super, Boot’R Foreman, Boot’R Apprentice,

2011 Mongoose Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Crossway 125, Crossway 125 Women’s, Crossway 225, Crossway 225 Women’s, Crossway 300, Crossway 300 Women’s, Crossway 350, Crossway 350 Women’s, Crossway 350 Disc.

2011 Mongoose Urban Bikes:

Kaldi, Kaldi Women’s, Kaldi 13, Kaldi 13 Women’s, Sambrosa 3x8, Sabrosa Ocho.

2011 Mongoose Fixie Bikes:

Maurice, Maurice FS.

2011 Mongoose BMX Bikes:

Fraction, Legion, Shield, Article, Capture, Diagram, Subject, Chamber, Culture, Logo, Thrive, Program, Program 16, Program 18.

2011 Mongoose Kids Bikes:

Rockadile AL 20”, Rockadile AL 20” Girls, Rockadile AL 24”, Rockadile AL 24” Girls, Blaze CB, Micron CB.

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