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Bike Tours – Time for Some Mountains!

MTB Tour

Smell that mountain air! A mountain bike tour - which in fact doesn’t necessarily need to include mountains! – can be a sensational holiday, be it for a weekender or a longer overseas stint.

If your mountain bike riding is in its early stages of addiction, then don’t be deterred by a holiday – there are plenty of options available for riders of all levels.

So – what should you keep in mind when finding the right mountain bike tour for you? Location, location, location! For gravity and downhill thrills, it’s hard to outdo Nelson. Maybe you’re after a smaller island getaway? Tassie’s Cradle Mountain provides lush terrain in a pristine wilderness. Up for a long-haul trip? Spain’s exotic coastal roads, France, Switzerland and Austria’s iconic mountaintops or Quebec’s striking green route and the forest trails of Colorado provide just a few of the incredible mountain biking destinations to experience.

Wherever you end up, it is important to take into account upon choosing a location that you choose the appropriate skill level tour that is similar to yours. Will you be camping or do you prefer the luxury of hotels? How long is the tour? How far is the tour? What altitude will you be riding at? Is tour guide assistance available? What are weather conditions like? These are a few things to consider before choosing your mountain bike tour escape.

It is also important to make sure that your bike is in tip-top order for your holiday. This may include new tyres, lubricating the chain, checking the gears operate smoothly and riding accessories.

Enjoy all that quality mountain biking!

MTB Vacation

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